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Getting the best out of your pre-wedding photo shoot...

So... now we know what pre-wedding photo shoots are all about, and what to expect on the day, we can look a little closer at the finer details of what makes a pre-wedding photo shoot really work. I've put together a list of tips & advice, from my experience,  that may help you decide what to wear, where to go, and what to do when you get there!

1. Location

Ally & Steve, Barry Island - South Wales

A good location is key to the success of your pre-wedding photo shoot, and could determine a few other aspects too, such as what to wear & what to do when you get there, so it's worth giving this some thought early on in the selection process. A location that means something to both of you often works well; where you had your first date, first picnic, or even where he proposed!

The location can bring back memories, bring excitement and happiness, and this all helps towards making you feel good -and comfortable in front of the camera. The location also happens to be the backdrop to your photos so think about whether you want rolling fields, urban architecture or the big blue sea. 

2. Time of year

Charlie & Nick, The Embankment, Bedford

We hold pre-wedding photo shoots all year round, but springtime, ahead of the summer weddings, is always the busiest time. Pre-wedding photo shoots are usually held a couple of months ahead of your wedding day, which is not too close to interfere with wedding planning, and not too far away that you may forget everything we've learnt.

During winter months, we have a lot less daylight to work with - so it's worth considering a night time shoot, big city lights, or the soft light from the open fire in your favourite pub. 

3. What to wear

Cathy & Paul, The Old Mill, Leighton Buzzard

The main thing about what you wear, is that you must feel good in it. If you feel good, you will already be more confident and relaxed - and this will make for great photos. Choose clothes that suit you and your style. Work together as a couple to create a look that compliments each other, and is appropriate for your chosen location. Colours are important too. I personally prefer more pastel colours with plenty of texture, but I'm all for a nice bright shirt if the location and personality are crying out for it! 

Your colour choices will work best if they go together, and not clash. If one of you is in red, and the other in orange - it's unlikely to wow you. But two shades of the same colour, with a little added texture - works really well.

Don't be afraid to bring a change of clothes to mix things up a bit too.

4. Hair & make-up

Louisa & Andy, By the river, Newton Blossomville

It's not everyday you have a professional photoshoot, so why not treat yourself to a makeover?

Your pre-wedding photoshoot is a great chance for you to try out the make-up artist you're thinking of using for your wedding day. If you're doing your own make-up, that's great too, just remember that if you usually opt for a light application of make-up, it may not show up as well in the photos, so it's worth it, if you can, to be just a little bit bolder.

5. Props

Rachael & Rob, Willen Lake, Milton Keynes

You don't have to be a fire juggler, but there are a number of simple props that you can add to your pre-wedding photo shoot. A book, a hat or sunglasses, something that shows off your personality or shared interest between you both. 

We even stopped for a bag of chips at the seaside once- worked wonders!

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