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Pre-wedding photo shoot

Nerves, laughter, tears of happiness...

In my eyes, this is one of the key ingredients to successful wedding photography. It's not really about the photos, but the relationships formed, trust gained, and memories made.

I find this session so important, that I've included it on both The Complete Collection & The Enhanced Collection as standard, whereas most other wedding photographers offer this as an additional extra.

How does it all work?

Pre-wedding photo shoots are informal and usually a lot of fun. They can be in any location you like, with the majority of couples choosing woodland areas, parks or even the beach. 

The idea behind the session is to build confidence ahead of your wedding day, and for you to be relaxed and enjoy the whole experience. The location you choose can help set the mood, so think about somewhere that may be meaningful to you both, makes you happy or somewhere exciting and new that you've wanted to visit for ages!

We'll start off just talking while we explore the location, slowly introducing the camera - from a distance at first, but moving in closer as the session starts to unfold and you're subconsciously posing!

There will be photos of you individually, and as as a couple - just like on your wedding day. With some subtle direction our understanding of each other will develop, and I'll learn what you need from me in order to get great photos.

What do I wear?

To be honest, anything you like, it's your photo session.

But if you are stuck for ideas, I've created a list of tips & advice that may give you some inspiration about what to wear, choosing a location and generally having fun in the session. 

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